Whole Full 103 Colors Set - Glossiest Synthetic Silk Embroidery Thread - Colour Variations Thread

$123.60 $154.50

Shipping to United States: $18.50

At the moment, As in the picture we don't have these codes: ST15, ST35, ST50. The price of thread set is calculated for 103 available codes.

This collection is available as either: 103 30-yard skeins or 103 60-yard skeins or 103 120-yard skeins.
Each skein corresponds to a color code. Each skein are comprised of one-yard-long pieces of six-strand floss. For example, a 30-yard skein is 30 one-yard-long pieces of floss.

Thread material: type shiny synthetic silk. Our glossiest embroidery thread.
Embroidery thread is hand-dyed in our traditional craft village. This is not natural silk, but smoothness, gloss, subtlety of colors at very good quality. We are using this thread to embroider high-class paintings in Vietnam to export to the world.
We promise thread color will not fade in water or sweat of hands.

We call type of thread be: "Colour Variations" or "variegated colors". As you have seen its color varies on the same thread. it helps we to switch between tones very flexible, delicate, softness and creative. We do not need to use many different types of thread.

About us:
Made in Vietnam - @ThuongEmbroidery
* 1st YouTube: Hand Embroidery Art
* 2nd YouTube: Thuong Embroidery
* Our Facebook: @HandEmbroideryArtCraft

The code of embroidery thread is created by ourselves, it will not match the code of any other thread company.

Shipping actual costs are charged for smallest set as 30 yards. Even if you choose the larger set of 60 yards and 120 yards, the shipping price is only for the set of 30 yards.
Shipping will be by DHL, USPS, RoyalMail,... all around the world.

Important Note: When you order, please be sure to check your Email for notifications and customs procedures if any. In some countries upon shipping requirements, we may ask you to provide additional information about recipient's phone number to ensure shipping process.

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